Monday, July 19, 2010

an enjoyable day off to k @ jb. :)

Yea! my title says it all....haha...:p So yet again we went to sing K in Jb!:))) *this happen some weeks back* :P Happyness. (i like this spelling ok.) and again Orange couldn't make time we'll bring her along:)

Jy uploaded the pics just yesterday so i felt encouraged to blog about it. :) and i think seeing good friends really uplifts the mood. been living in a grey mood recently because of things i see, hear, feel and i think moments of old beloved treasured buds from times in my life make me feel happy just by thinking of them. :)


We were hungry...ok. it was just me. i was HUNGRY. hahahaha...they were mid-hungry...and so we went for lunch!:D

My favourite jap eatery which i haven't been to in the longest time has a change in their menu..:( boo. no more fave kimchi fried rice, usually its not a fave dish, but they cook it well....but's taken out already...aww:( but now. i have another favourite!

Woohoo!meet my new fave! Curry rice!:)))
The nicest jap curry rice i've ever eaten! And it's not because i was hungry...
:))) yums. nomnom.
Here's how the interior looks. Two game station and lotsa comics..but in jap. -_-haha...
i wanted to go play the game but ling was sitting on the outside and was like frozen so we just sat and drink tea....hahaha...:p

All photos are courtersy of Jy's HP. xiexie ni!:D
Here she is with the tea...defrosting. and there i am being stupid with a awesome looking menu;P
Reminds me of Japan hour!
Jy's ramen gyoza set. :)
me like this pic:)
The food here comes in biggg plates and portion.
good for the hungry.
but ling warns do not eat their sushi...not good to noms.
bwhahaha..:P you've been warned.
Finally! Here's a pic of Jy!:)))))
Yesh. We are all concentrating on the song....
ok. at least we know jy wasnt...:P
No one came in to disturb us....and it was a good 6 hours or was it 7 hours of k-ing.
feel good day.

We had 2 drinks and one snack..the drinks were fine...the snacks were. hmm. aheh. :P
It's a good place to sing we'll be back soon. :))
and we'll bring our student passes this time...;P

I saw ting with weilong in jb too...just as we went shoe shopping. ok. not we. i hardly shop for shoes...:P
They came in to watch movies...:)
having a bf is kinda different i guess...many things which you use to do with friends now rotate around the bf too....

And here's to end off with a silly picture of me which jy kindly didn't tag me in.:p
ask me to take nice glammed photos i can never do it well.
do unglam stupid ones.
i ace it all.

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