Friday, July 2, 2010

when you have a bad day.

walked home in the cold rain. hungry and tired.

almak. seems like i'm describing some lost stray puppy. haa.

the day was terrible. :( i was hoping for the total opposite...

i wonder why sometimes people just spurt their mouths so quickly...can't everyone see the sides of the coin and calm down a lil..? or is it just me. i think too much so i can see alot. or maybe see nothing. damn. chiim. haa

o well. feeling feverish now. and still tons of stuff to be done and assignment looks like it rose from under the let me grumble my griviences a lil here...

o. i just remember..amidst all the bad stuff i was grateful my trustly mp3 player was with me..and it the audio just nice hit mayday's song..3 in a row. :) that was a little silver lining.

Hope everyone else's day is going on much better...

Sends love to all.

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