Monday, June 28, 2010

welcome back to the place under earth.

my short break is up. :(
yes. it was short. too short.
o man.
reality please be kind.
it's back to crazy hay days again.
sleep. i'll miss you.

and pimples. i hope you'll go away and never find the key back to me. pls o pls go away. pls. you make me lose confidence. argh.

for everyone else...i hope you all are having better days:))

ooo...i'm hooked on this show ling introduced to me..."You are beautiful- Korean" (i seldom watch korean shows actually- too draggy i think:P but this one's funny!)ling see i want to keep watching but i can't already...hahaha...wait till i get free time or squeeze some out..:P

Take care peeps!
be a nice human.

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