Friday, June 18, 2010

a weeks freedom on the way.

My long awaited one week of coming. soon. after tomorrow's exam and assignment hand in. Okie. Lets see what has been cheering me on....
woohoo. Sand art ultraman from foong. :)
and a nice letter of encouragement from . so touching sob sob. cause it came at really a good time. :) xie la~;) too bad can't go out this weekend cause your not back yet.
and then of course self physco also helps. :p

and a little more on my tissue box cover....hahaha...
you should look at my room during it's worst...warzone of stacks of notes and books
this is just the neater lot.
i'm sorry trees.
i like to be environmentally friendly, but i need you to study.
yesh, i will send you to recycle!
and. erms.
this is what i do when i get restless....hahahaha..:P
there were these two moles on my arm and then i drew a smiley face.
and then i found another two on my right wrist!
and i drew another face.
too restless.
which after i did get back to work.
Back to one last revision!
Jia you jia you jia you for tomorrow!

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