Tuesday, June 1, 2010

trust me. i really wanna update with a long post.

yea. i would really love to have the luxury of writing a full post of every other thing which has happen and share all my thoughts...but i don't have it currently. :( issh. but. i really wanna post some stuff up. so here are my recent pics with my girls which make me happy. :)))
yesh. we were missing fang fang.
lala has officially lost her marbles in this pic XD heh.
one of the first series we took.
I really loved this set. :)))
We were doing the 1-4 but huan did a 5 in the last one so its 1-5!:D

yesh. i'm learning to hold my smile.

i also want a iphone. so many fun photo features. lol lol.

Huan and Jin.
Photo pose attempt.
cause huan huan got blur. so it turned into a laughter shot.

and then we tried to do "xi,nu,ai,le"
*happiness.anger.sadness. joy*

We couldn't get the timing correct at first.
so i made them do it.
again and again
we did countless number of times.
there were so many. i shan't post all here:p

I name this shot Soul flew away.

How are all of your days coming along?
be a nice human

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