Tuesday, February 10, 2009

give me all ur 21 wishes!:)

taken in Phuket Fantasea. (lovely sand bottles)
no special reason. i just wanted to see something colourful thus i uploaded this photo. :)

Some of my pals have been nagging me to have a wishlist up for their easy reference since last year (but i've yet to done any. sorwii.:P) so they would know when it comes to present time...and i always answer, "i know you know me well to know what i want mah".....:P in actual fact i was just lazy to put one up.....

But today i do realise...it does actually come in quite handy and useful....*to save alot of hair pulling and headaches on my side...haha...So people...all my beloved buddies! Pals! Girlfriends! Boyfriends(?)! Esp all those who are turning 'legal' this yr. You know who you are...;P Please have up a wishlist of the stuff that you might want....pricing ranges...could be a simple mickey mouse pen to a not so simple pirate costume or those sort...you get what i mean right? the more the merrier. 21?haa. And do let know where to get it..the online site address or in most supermarkets....Something nicely done up was something like this from cheesie.

I might or might not take reference from it....but still its a great help sometimes....people who know me know i take forever to make choices even when i'm buying stuff for myself. I would stand in the same spot pull all my hair out and not make a choice or desicion yet....haha...i'm that lousy So yea....be nice okie...put up all your wishlists on ur blogs okie? (no blogs mail also can. ahaa. ) asap. or at least one month before your birthday, or else no pressie for you. muahahaha....kd~:P

Ok. end of my nagging, you peeps know what to do now...heh.;) Have fun cracking your head thinking. :)

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