Saturday, February 28, 2009

igoogle. v. cool can! haa.

I happen to chance upon igoogle when i was waiting for my mum in the sarawak library reading readers digest. ahaa. of all places. anyway. to spare you guys the details i'm going to show you my new 'discovery'!(probably it might have been around, like, forever. but i just didn't realise till now. i'm kinda a slow poke so forgive me there if your scratching your head thinking new?! where's this alien from? ;P) i found it quite cool!:D

I just remembered about the website today thus i decided to pop by to try it out. am liking it. uh huh. ;)

Don't get me wrong. I did like the normal version of google the uncluttered version that is. but sometimes a little designs are cool too. customisation. lol. :P

Here. let me show you what i picked.

See those cute pictures? They are part of the theme i picked. There are many many themes to pick from. And it changes from night to day according to your time zone. top(day) bottom(night).

And then you are able to custome the stuff you want on the page. For those who loved the original google because of its non clutterness might find this a big turn off. (you might be able to close all the tabs. i haven't tried that, because i decided to add in CNA news.)

But other than that i think, its quite cool no?
Something different

The box highlighted in red is where you can switch from classic mode to igoogle mode. vice versa.

The blue box is where to change themes. :)
Below are just some of the many many themes to choose from.
I had a little fun clicking here and there just like a little kid seeing the internet for the first time. (talk about swaa koo. haa!)

Okie! Have fun!:) hope you like it.

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