Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy 1st of June

1st of June today, i'm seeing lotsa status mentioning this, not too sure why it is so special though, but for me it just means half the year has gone ahead and another half a year to look forward to.

i'm still at a bummer in this point in life, basically i don't think many can understand what i'm going through with the kind of personality i have. But there's one thing for sure, in all my life, what hasn't killed me has only made me stronger, at this stage its gonna carry on being this way too.

I'm never the kind of person who had life smooth sailing, not to say i led a treacherous life full of pain and hardship, of course not, i'm really lucky to have good family and friends definitely. So which part is not so smooth? At every stage in my life it seems people just flow through but for me i always seem to hit a rock in the river and fall overboard awhile, but as long as i hang in there, it always work well for me. Better than anything.

So, job! I will get you, despite many rejections and hitting against the wall, letting my pride fall to the depths of the ocean , i will get something i can be proud to say is mine.

don't judge me.
i'm afraid.

but, heck.

It's the 1st of June!
*no link* but still JIA YOU!

yesh! i took that!:) at a art exhibition. :D nice and cheery!

Here's a little artpiece of bright colourful petal arrangements to cheer up your day!

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