Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pardon my lack of post!

Heh heh. I'm SORRRYYY...Sorrrwiiii!! :ppp i've been meaning to post, lotsa stuff happening actually but just lost the mood, have been meeting with less that pleasant moods recently and trying to get them corrected myself. (wtf am i thinking. contact lens for eyes? can correct? hahaah...) i just mean i'm trying to fine tune my moods a lil, so i don't depress you all with any of those stuff. i share happy stuff so the people who read can be happy too...(well most of the post at least) so....bear with me abit. Happy stuffs in life to come soon. :D

On twitter alot recently because there are some stuff that i want to share but not with everyone aka fb...the whole world. haha....and i saw this on my tweets list today written by a friend:

"When you feel like the world's against you, remember.. I'm Here.."

i know the tweet wasn't aiming at me.
let me pretend it is ok.
how i wish it was said for me. how special i would feel.
secretly thank you, i'll pretend it was for me.
*warm fuzzy feeling anyone?*


cues picture of

(if you don't read cheesie's or fourfeetnine's blog (my two faves!) much you prob don't get this part. skip!

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