Wednesday, June 8, 2011

mummy said not to play with our food...

but what she didn't say was not to artistically manipulate our food....ahh. there's a difference. I saw this in while clearing my mail and thought some of them were just so worth sharing! cause they're so cute!:DD

Bento Cuteness!How could i resist? It's a snowman! and a cute one too!
a neko bento!

if all tic tacs were like this, you would see them flying off the shelves more often because i would be there to buy them!

i just thought the person who came up with funny pun is quite ingenious.
What would john Lennon himself think of it?
another neko chan!
but this is cut out from an orange!
a bread bike!
wonder if you can really ride it though?
i like this!!!
so colourful!:)
wonder if they taste just as yummy?

And here we go...a few eggcellent pieces!
*Deng deng deng dengdedeng dengde dengggg*
*turns on star wars theme song*
o no!

and the chick walked away....

i left the one which i thought was the funniest one for the last....

Hope it brightens your day a lil.


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