Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What is your biggest acheivement in life?

That was one of my questions during an interview. and i feel kinda cheated, not because of the question though, but because the interviewer seem to like me but then o well, i guess not. You know you get the vibes when you are being liked, disliked or stuff like that? Ok, maybe its just me who can feel such stuff. sensitive soul yo. hahaa...

So anyway, my reply was pretty simple. (actually i thought about this question a gazillion times before because i wondered if i met buddha, like when i'm gone and all, and buddha ask me this question at least i know what to ans....so yea, tts why i could easily ans.lol) she said life, not work.

So this was my answer:

" My biggest achievement in life would be that i build great relationships. *well, i wasn't thinking so much on the romantic sector of course. no i didn't say this* I have good friends and family, I think this is as much a bigger achievement than winning a prize or work wise because there are ups and downs in things like those but if i have good people behind and around me to support me, i can make it through and do better things in life."

They prompted...so you mean you make good friends for life? *Firmly* Good Friends And Family *Smile*

I guess, maybe they didn't like my answer after all, despite the profuse nodding on their side...

but o well. i stick to my guns. That it is.

who can tell me it isn't?
who can make me.


i met up with ting, jh and bie the other time..jo was supposed to come but couldn't make it in the end....haven't seen the whole gang in awhile.

listening to the chats we had that day all the more made me believe as blur and sometimes silly as i am at times i am pretty sharp at making friends for life.....*or maybe really lucky, 老天爱笨小孩 <3 * hahaha...

friends are not people who stay around to make your life miserable...
i always remember mom telling me this quote..
with friends like that, who needs enemies?

i hope my dear daughter finds more true friends and repel those 'evil' ones away.
god of suay friendship making, stop looking for her.
the buggers are around, we're watching you
we're watching her back, stop letting bad friends into her life.
*well apart from us. the buggers will be glued to each other for life*

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