Saturday, June 25, 2011

i found a new happy site!:D

I found a new happy tumblr site like the one i shared ealier back pursuit of happyness, this one is happything's. I leave the link so you guys can go get some much needed daily dose of happyness. I like happy people and stuff...!:D

I'll share some pictures from this happy go visit them!;))

i believe this is sososo true.
sometimes its that glimmer of hope that we cling on to when finding our way out.
even if it is a just a little beam, we get what we can and through that we find way to motivate ourself, to not wallow in our own tears but stand up. dust down and move ahead.

there are many walls in life, but there is alot more reasons to fight on.
a hope for a future is one.
i remember mama saying this (well, not to me. luckily, i can imagine the tone this would be in):
if you don't have anything nice to say. don't.
Don't open your mouth just to let flies nice, you never know what the opposite party might be facing in life right now.

not everyone writes all their emotions on their face, even so, you might not get the full picture, and besides, it never hurt to be nice. :)

Go have a rainbow coloured fill weekend!

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