Wednesday, June 1, 2011

before you watch kungfu panda 2

Before you catch Kungfu Panda 2 in the cinema
or even if you have watched kungfu panda 2 you still must catch Kung fu Panda Holiday!:D
Yesh! There is a show of Kungfu Panda out that i didn't know about!!
Its only about half an hour so its pretty much a holiday teaser, but hey its Po and the gang and it makes me laugh so short, long, its good for me!

i think it wasn't aired locally, usually shorts aren't.
I know there is a short done for despicable me too, which we saw in the states, but we don't get to see it here...

So here! let me embed the video so you all can enjoy more laughable moments with Po and the Five!:D
Kung Fu Panda Holiday from 2010


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