Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr Maker of Mr Man & Little Miss!

Happy Birthday Mr Roger Hargreaves!

Look at what i spotted on Google search today?!
*excited kid*
okok, you caught me, if you have been religously reading my old post you would know i switched my homepage to igoogle years back...
i found this by accident because i was searching for something and when you run a search it will revert back to normal google and i saw this eyecatching icon at the tom left hand corner of google.
so click click i went!
because i love the mr man and little miss-es!
Don't you?

who is that character and what is she doing there...?
Where have you been. ok joking...their pretty popular *well according to me...i'm good with most cartoons from the 80s and 90s...
tv junkie much!
Mr Men is the creation of Mr Roger Hargreaves in 1971, after reading his short biblo on wiki i realise he passed away the year i way *you learn something new everyday eh.

Mr Men has over (what i personally believe, haven't checked) about 100 characters including the little miss characters...
Each character has a certain personality trait which is kinda cute in a way...
those i specially like are

He's like a ball of scribbly mess but pretty cute looking eh?
they say you like the things that you can identify with...ahh. must be true to a certain extend...
*sometimes i look at my room and feel just like mr messy. well just sometimes.
this is so not very me.
but i like chirpy characters!:)
i have a shirt from bossini the season mr men was rather in.;) heh.

and how can we forget mr happy!
one of my faves!

so much so i immediately fell in love from adidas adi colour series with mr happy on it.
Here's the shoe! So cheerful right? I looked high and low for it...i forgotten whether i found it and the price was exorbitant or i didn't manage to find it...i think it was the latter...?
I did a post on this previously 4 years ago. omy. i didn't know it was that long till i did a check! i left the link intact so you guys can go check out the shoe if interested!;)

so if you haven't gotten the chance to know the mr men and little miss characters...go check them out...
we must always remember to keep the kid inside us alive.
cartoons. comics and cute stuff definitely help!
o yea, i found an official site for the mr men here*. it has wallpaper, games and all.
go! find that lil kid in ya!

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