Wednesday, May 25, 2011

五月天-Audi A1 終極之約

This advert done for audi was done sometime back, i think it was done last year but i never get to share it with you guys until now because the youtube embedding link wasn't up yet.

I really like the cinematography they done for the ad, very posh and polished, almost like a mini movie of sorts.
Check out the behind the scenes, even that was done to utmost standards.

Mayday has done a few more ads recently but i thought this one is really worth sharing because it's very tastefully filmed not saying the others are badly done, but this one is just different and well shot!:)

i miss mayday!!
can't wait for their movie 3DNA and their new album (which is rumored, but i think kinda hard to come anytime soon because they are probably still busy with the movie and then having to do promotions for it when their done..)
but whatever it is i hope i get to see mayday soon!

though i've heard this joke of ashin a thousand and one times i still think its pretty funny..

莎∶阿信有厌食症,他看到食物就说∶我讨厌你!!" 然后就把食物吃了.
- ashin's baidu page


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