Saturday, May 28, 2011

my Gmarket arrivals.

Opps! Sorry a long overdue post...i did promise to show my gmarkets buy when i get here goes...yes, they did manage to reach me after a big roundabout....
sometimes a deed of good intention will turn into awry because of the good intention...the shop offered registered mailing if you buy 3 items and above...i bought 3 items but i chose the normal mail without the registered mail though i was entitled for it because i was sure there wouldn't be anyone home to receive it that week.
but i guess they do insist on giving the me my entitled treatment despite my wanting otherwise...
i had to sought help from jy and manage to locate where in the world my package was and got them to do a resend....thanks jy!:D
nono. snowy is not part of the parcel, he is just there to beautify the picture and show how big the parcel is...:)
o goody! a handwritten note.
though i'm sure its pretty generic for all customers but hey, at least we can see the effort!:D
my bunny shirt!:)
i wore this once already when out with sis, after washing the colours of the bunny ran abit :(
they are now grey. issshk. cheap stuff. can't blame anyone...
this is the closeup....
err..pardon the model wanna be hand pose. i didn't know where to put my hand...hahaha...:P
though i tried it out like this on first wear when i first got it, i wore it with jeans and without the belt cause i don't like wearing waist belt...hahaa..:P
this was the next piece which i really liked the pattern but was kinda disappointed because the sleeves are nothing really like what i expected them to be...
they are the normal tshirt sleeves...i initially thought them to be wide sleeves which covered down like the kind of big butterfly sleeves...
see the colourful funfair scene going on there?:)
really disliked the sleeves so tried to wear it with an outerwear...hmmx..not really working though..
and when all else fails. pose with a cute plush animal.
*plus point!*
apart from getting the clothes i got these 'anti radiation' stickers....
didn't get them for the 'anti radiation' factors much them because they were so cute!
gave some away...and for mom and dad (because i partly believe though not really maybe in 0.001 chance the anti radiation might
this is on my handphone!:D
this is on my mp3!
the other sticker i had on my trusty one was black already so i thought this was a good one to change to...


Yeap, those are my online gmarket buys...
remember to be very careful when you buy things online, check up on the seller first, read up on the reviews given by other buyers. If they look un-trustworthy do NOT buy from them no matter how cheap they are and trust your gut feeling.
most of the time, its right....
gmarket has a complicated pricing system (at least i think so, thanks to jy who figured it out for me) so check how much you spend before you pay, don't get a shock when your bill arrives.



  1. HEY! i oso bought the funfair shirt. it was really too big for me. the neckline is totally over la. Urs look abit narrower to me leh. Dun worry la. The bunny still looks okay. :)

  2. nah...not really good, i don't have the feel to wear it out...such a waste. maybe i'll just wear it at home instead...haha...#wastemoney.