Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a day with the family @ changi beach

I went cycling after X numbers of years at Changi Beach last Sunday!:D Its really been a long long time since i last cycled, lasts see...maybe since after primary school...? It has been so long that i thought i had already forgotten how to cycle, i spent a good 5 mins figuring out how to pedal (get two feet on the pedals and move) without falling.....i was so sure i had forgotten the skill at first but my mom said, its just like swimming, once you learnt you will never forget....
it's true! you won't forget it....BUT your skills will turn rusty and your courage will diminish and take some time to build up...by the end of the day i was feeling like a semi pro! muahahaaha. i'm a natural. not And after talking so much, i realise, there wasn't one picture of me cycling at all!!! ah. crap. hahahaa...o well. it was a really enjoyable day:D
we got there in the late afternoon, near evening time...
it wasn't planned, bro came back for the weekend and after a very hearty late breakfast/lunch dad drove to Changi Beach...
The weather was good...nice blue skies:)
Love the resort feel.
We didn't hit straight to the bikes, we went drinking.
yea, in midday, learn from the ang mos.
and we had a drink.
and another...and another....(notice these are not the same photo...)
and then we had 10.
it was part of the package lah;D
the cans are really cute, its much smaller than the usual beer can, its about half or a little lesser and half of a normal can.
yesh. taken with bro's iphone.
the ones i took aren't so fancy. ahh. damn. i wan an iphoneeeeee!!!!
anyway, i wasn't drinking ribena, bro got me to drink cranberry vodka.
drinking in midday.
so holiday-y.
here's mom and dad.
love the feel of the pic.
i wann an iphone! hahaa
mom play cheat she drink beer also...root beer.
ok lah in the end we both also help in finishing asahi.
and if your wondering, no, i did not bring home any cans as collectible, so typical of me to bring cute things home to stash as collections but no i didn't
from the place we sat you can see planes flying just above you.
changi airport is one very busy busy airport i tell you!
planes going zoom zoom zoom.
if you like to catch planes in action this is a good place to be at alternatively.
resort feel yo.
i took this while i was 'driving' at this point i was more familiar with the handling of the bike.
not riding like some lonesome wobbly drunkard as i first started out.
i swear if i didn't look that awake or if you stake me out from the back you would believe i was drunk from the way i swerved left and right.
Here's mom and bro.
We only rented two bikes so we played them alternately...
they were all like fish to water....
i was the only goondo who had trouble at first butbut
i made it after awhile. *proud*
dad the natural kampong boy.
hahahahaha. it does look like, doesn't it?
i took some photos of dad and i at the far end of the beach route where the sea view was awesome, but haven't been able to get the photos out of there yet (partly cause i'm forgetful and keep forgetting to get them)

lastly a photo of yours truly posing as what she can do best being silly.
this is my current dp.
so if your looking for me on FB, this would be the display pic to look out for!

Have some good family fun under the sun this weekend!
kiteflying, cycling, picnic....;)

on a separate note, i'm not appreciating the heat tonight i'm literally melting...



need a second bath before bed.
too sweaty.

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