Saturday, May 14, 2011

Awkward Family Photo moments

A friend just shared a link of what i thought was a very interesting site that i just gotta share with you guys...

I'm sure in every family we would have tons or at least a few photos taken of us alone or with someone else that we would be more than willing to have it burned....Those type which turn up looking so awkward you don't really know what to do with them kind...

This site a plentiful of those kind of photos...And many of them date back to the early 90's and much you see the are some which i thought were pretty quirky and funny featured on the site...Personally i think this one is really cute.
but maybe the kids wouldn't grow up appreciating the prison garment though...haha..
the look says it all...
but apparently i think its just sometimes babies haven't really learnt to have full muscular control of their eyes yet thus being like this...i think i have a photo where my eyes are somewhat like that, but what can i say, hey i was one cute lil baby!
wonder where did that go missing off to...
omg the hair.
i hope when we're like in our 40's we don't look back and see photos and think omg what in the world was i thinking when i went for that fashion sense...hahaha
what in the world was the kid doing?
cute chubby baby eh?

See? its not that bad after all..keep those photos! They are after all precious memories, you can laugh about them 20 years down the road....or your children can laugh about it:P

Here if your interested to catch more photos like those i shown above you can check out
Awkward Family Photos (i'll leave the link.just click)

Have a good laugh!
Maybe one day we can and will laugh at ourselves too:)
Don't take yourself too seriously....asians do that alot...we should learn to take a step back and laugh at ourselves....*yes, i'm very guilty too*
its a step we need to learn.


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