Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day !
to all the
good mummies of the world.
You should be proud of yourself!:))

why do i only write good mummies? *above* because even though there's the Chinese saying of 天下的妈妈都是一样的 meaning all the mother's of the world are similar, but of course i beg to differ. If you are living in reality you would know the world isn't that rosy, there are all sorts of people in the world, and the unimaginable things they would put their children through, (i get so bloody disgusted, what's in their head, not a brain for sure, or maybe they don't have a heart, it was eaten. there are tons of stories i read every other day, the one in the newpaper today about giving the child 7 botox jabs in hope she'll be as famous as Willow Smith. Go get a life. don't ruin your kid's. many more worse cases lie around daily...sad.) be it for their own selfish greedy needs, laze etc. So if you are one of those who never sent love to your child in any way apart from letting him/her pop out of you, no, this post is not for you. I only dedicate this greeting to those which shower love and tender care to their child:)

A mother does not necessarily need to be the person who gives birth to the child, in this era there are loads of adoptive children, god parents etc etc....i always believe those who take care of the child should be looked up with more respect then those horrible people who just give birth to the child and not care for the well being of the child at all. Of course, sometimes we read the child has to be given up for certain reasons, i do not condemn this mothers because i believe they were thinking of the child's well being and did so in the best efforts for the child, i'm sure they felt the pain too..*if they really did it for the child* if they did it for the child its commendable too....

so for all you mothers who often shower your kids with love, no matter which way you go about it, a shout out to you,
Enjoy Mother's Day

Taken from Zits Sketchbook Nine: Trashed Page 103-105.
i think this few strips put very aptly what we want to say to our moms esp the last strip..(i put the first two so you guys won't be lost in translations;))

ok, i realise this strip is a little small, click on it to see the full version, in gist its talking about Jeremy mocking pregnancy prevention week and is volunteered by his girlfriend to have a mock pregnancy empathy belly.
thanks mom.

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