Wednesday, May 11, 2011

more of Fanfan and Blackie's Wedding

you have to agree that this looks good right?
sometimes when you look at wedding photos you feel theres a kind of pretense in it...maybe i should'nt classify it as pretense but unnatural, sometimes people are just camera shy or stiff...with this two. they just make it look

I know i already had done a post on 黑人+范范's wedding, but 黑人 just updated his fb with the wedding pics which i was totally blown away by...the quality was really good and it'll be a pity not to share it with you guys yea? I only took those i really like out to share with you guys, for the complete album you can go to 黑人's fb site here (i've embedded in the link, just click). So yea!

Here goes! All the beautiful blissful wedding pics...One more time! Trust me, the photos are good.

this was the first photo which caught my eye, and it wasn't even of the wedding ceremony.
theres a touch of softness in the photo, and i like photos of people holding their babies (though this baby isn't fanfan's) it gives people a motherly feel
and i also really like that our eyes are directed out of the picture to imagine and not a straight in your face, lets pose kinda picture!
(i feel like i'm doing art critique class!lols)
Fanfan's white and Heiren's Black Nike Sponsored Wedding shoes.
ok. 1.2.3. altogether now...aww~
remember in my last post i was wondering if fanfan really got to wear the shoes?
o yea. of course she did.
its a pair:)))
they look soso good.
i'm so wearing shoes not heels on wedding day.
talking about shoes, i really liked this photo too.
not of the main characters in fact you don't even have much of a character, the inanimate object takes center stage here.
okok. i admit, i added this in because they all look good. nothing to do with the photo.
but hey, good models do take a big role in making good photos!;)
not to play bias i made sure i reminded myself to put in photo of the bridesmaid too...
somehow the photo comes out very naturally, if you look at the photo closely you will feel a sense of warmth and friendship, like a very natural kind of friendship you would share with your buddy on her big day...
a pre wedding ceremony picture of the bride.
the bride is always the prettiest on her big day,
and what more to say such a beautiful lady like fanfan:)
i wonder if b&w would bring out more flavour in this photo...?
no. i didn't put this because godfrey a is handsome bestman. he is, but i like the angle and the dof of this shot....theres a soft touch and the angle makes the mood good.
Mr Wang Li Hom was the ring bearer of the day.
Big responsibility yo.
He and heiren must be like closeclose closee bros. :)

another photo which i really love the angle.
full of emotions.
this photo is stunning.
it's just a bouquet of the bride's flower, whats so special?
Honest, i don't really know...but my guess is that i'm attracted to it because of the composition and arrangement. The photographer could have plainly took her and the flower but he did this kind of arrangement which makes things more visually stunning and interesting.

a far away shot to show everything.
nicely taken.

kudos to the awesome photographer who took such good photos for us to enjoy.

Hope you all like the photos i shared, if you wanna see more go click on the link above to Heiren's fb...its all from there. You gotta agree this was a good share wasn't it?


feel like getting married?

me? i feel like taking better photos

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  1. I love your white sparkly wedding shoes! Where did you get them? Does Nike make them?