Saturday, May 14, 2011

two days in a row.

Update:ok. everything's back up already. i forgive you. hahahaha. but i sure hope this doesn't happen frequently anymore. o boy, i'm going bonkers...i'm speaking to a blog domain server as if it were alive.

for two days in a row i haven't been able to blog.
remember yesterday i did a short short post about blogger doing maintenance and thus the users aren't able to blog...?
Though the stated time only say it'll be down for roughly 40mins...bloggers couldn't open it until near midnight...(our time) which was many hours later...
all in the name of maintenance right? for the better of the users, must be appreciative and say thank you.
today it happened again...and for a few hours there was no warning, update on whats going on whatsoever.
they took away our post...2 post after fanfan's post were up..and now its not there...its supposed to be a temporary thing and it'll be up as soon as blogger gets back on.
ok. now i'm on blogger again able to post, so where are my previous post?

angry sia.

like that i'm not even confident of blogging without the post being taken away, and the post when i was writing and got cut by the maintenance was also taken away. i took some effort doing that up.

isssshk. irritating.
if this keeps up i'm changing a new host despite being a loyal client, i don't want to lose post now and then.

yesh. i'm very irritable at the moment so this seemingly small case to you is a big thing for me at the moment.
lets just say i hate people or servers taking away my things without permission.
even you blogspot. even you.