Friday, May 6, 2011

mother's day is round the corner...

just so that you can't have the excuse to say ' i forgot' i'm reminding you that mother's day is just around the corner! 8th May'011

It's not a day where you need to splurge on some fancy restaurant and buy all those gimicky tacky gift sets just to make your mom happy.
yesh, it'll be pretty awesome and all, i'm not saying don't do it, i'm just saying do something, anything that will make your mom happy and know she's appreciated.
*you should not only do this during mother's day of course, but since its her special day apart from her birthday, all the more reason to pamper the lady who gave life to you right?*

sometimes its just little things *if your remembered the week before you could have treated her to a meal then already, see, need not only be on THE day itself. besides, it'll save you the waiting time for a seat/table and the exorbitant prices restaurants charge in excuse of the day*

give her a hug.
give her a kiss.
let her know you love her.
yea, asians don't really do hugs and kisses much.
nor do we express ourselves pretty well, but in our own way with our own touch, display it proudly and let them know.

subtly. brazenly.
it counts.
and everyone loves to feel appreciated.
remember that.

make her a meal, even if its the most horrible one, she'll shed a tear not because its bad *ok, maybe,lol* but because its from the heart.

share some love.
bigbig loves.

enjoy mom and dad being around everyday.
sometimes parent can be pretty annoying because we suffer generation gap lags*not because they mean to, and not because we want to be annoying (in their terms)*, but admit it, you know you love them. and admit it again, you know they love you.

*cues barney song sing-a-long:
i love you.
you love me.
we are one big familyyyyyy...*

and i think my parents are on the whole still pretty coolat times.

thanks mom.
for everything.
<3 <3

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