Sunday, May 15, 2011

A meetup with Sis!:)

Finally got to meet up with Ting after her fyp, *yay!* have been wanting to have a meetup for a long long time but because she had been so busy fighting battles in the lab i had to wait till she won the battle...:) battle all won..just one last poster day to go for sis..Jia you jia you!:DD
Here is my lovely sis who i can finally meet because her crazy hectic days are less crazy and hectic now:) Cheerrrr!:) We were thinking about a bunch of stuff we could skating? Baking? We decided on shopping at Bugis, she hadn't been there in awhile...and i haven't really shopped in awhile too. :) (but i didn't go crazy on goods, though i wanted to...the last mini paycheck for the little project havent come in yet) but anyway we decided

ice skating - we'll wait for the buggers and do it together, the more the merrier !
lets all fall on our bums tgt! ok. i'll bet it'll be just me again only...hahah...

baking - we'll do it when the oven gets fixed...oror sis! we can do those dunnid to bake de!
i haven't tried any of those recipes yet! wanna learn!

and so we decided to go shopping! weeeee! i haven't been really shopping shopping in a long long time...*online shopping doesn't count:P hehheh.

We went to Bugis! Where the affordable goods are!
still kinda poor so yea...:P
Honestly i wanted to buy so many new things because i have been wanting a wardrobe change and all..but on the other hand i know i have to be realistic because money doesn't fall from the sky! hahaa...i could have though...and would be very very broke, so i did the next sensible thing...just to get the stuff i need :)
i need new wardrobe of clothes, more slanting towards the feminine side. slowly does it. i need new shoes. new bag. nooo. i don't need. hahaa. want and need is very different.
ok. i needed this, a pair of black formal looking pants.
Actually they weren't really cheap, but considering the use of it, i think its quite alright.
It was 33 but i got it at 30 because it was a last piece.
and while i was wearing the button came off *its a ploy i tell you! to make you feel fat!!!evil* hahaha...nah. its just those factory made lousy sewn method that's why. It was a little ill fitting on the left seemed smaller on the left side...when i told the auntie the auntie went "there should be nothing wrong with my goods..."

and so i wondered out loud: "i don't think there's anything wrong with my leg either...."

and as i was changing out i was more or less considering on getting it already.
and i kept the button in the pocket thinking after i get it i'll go home to sew it on my own...

but wow, the auntie gave me discount and asked her worker to help sew back the button on as it was the last piece...i'm such a lousy price haggler...if mom were there i think she would be able to get a price around 26-28....hahahaha...
i need to learn more auntie price slashing skills...

so yea. that's the story of the pants!

o ya o ya!
Ting bought a few dresses and shoes that day, they all look so good!
What do you expect? Anything will look good on a good looking person.
i need some of those too!hahaha...

anyway, at the first dress store the glib sweet talker owner said in the whole of bugis street he was probably the only one who use paper bag *indication of high class-ness....
plastic bag = low class?
eh. dude, didn't you hear the katy perry song? she sang about plastic bags, and many top brands make nice bags out of plastic, the only reason paper bags are seemingly better is because they are supposingly more biodegradable lah deh.
but. ahaaa! we proved him wrong! the last store we went to used paper bags too..!
it was a stall selling korean fashion...sis bought two lovely looking shoes!
so tempted to get one i saw which look so good...but just got a pair not too long ago so
*i'm such a good girl. not. Lols!

This is my second and last buy of the day.
A stretchy stretchy belt....i was choosing between this and one with a metal front...honestly i don't like wearing this kind of belt cause they suffocate you, girls and the things they put on to look good. but i'll never go to the extreme....hahahaa...knowing me right, i'll just ditch the killer looking heels and run off with a pair of sneakers. yay!

Too bad i didn't remember to take pictures until we went for dinner and i just took a few with my hp cam...ahh.
This was taken using my front camera of the hp.
i didn't know the quality varied from the front to the back of the camera...
look at the grainy pic! must have been on high iso...tsk.
but on the other makes my skin look good naturally...muahahahaa.
this was the initial picture we took because sis say her face looks 'too big' in this one we took the second one....when i was looking through (i very 专业ok. i filter before i put up, cannot make people throw face, esp me lah....cause most people look good naturally, just not me. -_- o god why.) this pic i realise she looks so good! Sis i'm sure you agree! *and i am not lying. cross heart*:D

Your wondering why we use the front camera instead of the back one right?
because of some smart alac...

as you all would know of me i seldom take 自拍 of myself so i can't really grasps the angle correctly...
and this was what happen....
i cut off the chin of both of us...and i suggested using the front to take...i will not do it again! haaha...
this picture looks so good right?
shhh. don't tell anyone...
i edited it
not too much though, i just took away my blemishes, sis doesn't have any and added a light glow to the pic....there's no skin condition a light glow can't fix!
there! Remember that little tip k peeps?

its a really pretty picture for a really happy day.

We went to Let's Sweets at Bugis to have Dinner.
this is chocolate parfait.
according to the reviews i later get to check out for the place it seemed to be a place highly warned upon...from lousy food to bad service and over priced it had it all....

but honestly, if you ask me?
i had an enjoyable time there and the food weren't all too bad at all! In fact both of us rather enjoyed it...but there is a saying right? When your happy anything taste good.

I was definitely happy having a meetup with sis so maybe it could be true!
*cheng cheng cheeennng* sound effect:p

or. we could be having easy to please tastebuds...maybe?
There was one thing which i thought would definitely be a mood dampener would be the alarm clock at each table...yes!!! 0.0 nani?!! an alarm clock to time you when your eating. Each clock is set with 70 mins when it rings you have 10 mins left to finish everything on your table if not you'll be fined $5.00 for every 200g.

Luckily for us when we went it was pretty empty and we had none of that, if not, i just might be one other customer with unpleasant encounter with the shop...we were able to take our time to try out everything we want....
we are such lousy buffet eaters, bringing us there would be a loss to our own wallets....because we eat little...but i think its so fun going with your galpal and getting to try so many kind of desserts!!!
so no regret, no complains. i think i wouldn't mind going back...if they are still surviving...

i especially love the fruit tarts and chocolate cake and brownie!
Oiishi desu!
we shared deserts so we could try a little of everything!
there's a hokkien saying:
一人一半, 感情不散

hahaha! yay! to long friendship!

i am a person who tends to be very awkward when it comes to a two person chat...i hate having awkward silences, but if i can get pass awkward silences and enjoy even if silences are there then yesh i'm sure we know each other very well enough. :)

i don't have many people who i can say i am comfortable to have just a two person dinner/lunch/breakfast chat with but ting is definitely one of them.

we could be laughing and chatting loudly one moment and enjoying the cakes and silence and surrounding the next. without the feeling that i need to feel up the empty silent space with just makes you feel at ease.

Senang Diri! (hahahaa...if your in a uniform group, you might get this joke:P)

that's why i don't believe in arranged meetings...
(maybe not now. maybe next time i will? hor fang?)

we talked about lotsa stuff, old, new, gossip....
one thing i was very sad about to hear was one of my favourite teacher's child is sick with leukemia...if there's one teacher that i feel grateful to, it would hands down go to that teacher...not because she taught me the sea and the mountain but more because she very readily without pretense gave alot of love. It isn't the type you see in the idol drama kind....her is really motherly, no pretense. I really liked her, so she must be a good person, but why give her such hardship?

i hope good things will go her way soon.
though i also need alot of luck and good things, i think she needs it more right now...people above, please treat nice people nicely...
please give the poor kid a matching bone marrow much needed or any other miracle to cure the kid...

i would so wish to call, write and ask, how are you? how can i help you?
but truthfully what one can do is so little, but to pray.
I really hope a miracle goes their way, good people deserve good things.

i hope the lil one can find a suitable marrow soon.

fight on.

that was my day out with sis.
it was fun! really enjoyed:)
Haven't been out together enjoying doing nothing, ok, something but nothing in particular for a long time, so its a good treat for busy people like her to meet me.

lets do it more often ok sis?

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