Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mayday 3DNA Trailer clip

Omgbbq. i'm so excited!:D
I can't wait for the release of the movie, i heard from the Malaysian Mayday Fan site it'll be released in September for Malaysia screens...what about Singapore?! I haven't find the news for that yet, but i'm sure they'll bring it in. Somebody better....haaha..
if not i would go across the causeway if i must just to catch my beloved mayday in movie.

kyaa. <3
*i sound like a total fangirl at the moment, pardon me. i can't help it, i'm suffering from lack of mayday syndrom* lols

The trailer really doesn't show much...
but with screens like these, its going to be awesomeeeee

i love the feel of the shots.
So i'm siding towards the thought that I'm going to enjoy the cinematography for this movie!
can't wait.
mayday jia you!
mayday ftw!

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