Monday, May 23, 2011

and yes....i was feeling bored. Skeleanimals!

not to mention a little narcissistic. hey, but everyone post pictures of themselves daily...i just do this once in awhile...not that bad right?:PP

this set was taken sometime back when i excitedly open my skeleanimals little plush:)

Have you heard of them yet?
I was quite captured by the eerie cuteness they exude.
i'm just weird like that. :p
But too bad we can only get it through cheers and fairprice express and you must spend (i forgot) a certain amount of dollars to get a stamp and after a certain amount of stamps then only can you exchange for this plush.

i hate it when they do that.
but o gosh, i'm a sucker for it....hahaa...
no more lah...too ma fan to purposely collect the stamps, will just go by it naturally...
i'm sure i will nag my mom to do more grocery shopping at the fairprice express to get those stamps... opps.

the local skelanimals license rights go to cheers and their tagline is
Dead Animals Need Love too...
Quite cute. :)
But the video you see above is from the states Target, i didn't know they have been around are quite big until i went to do a check.

If you want to check out the the local site
they are so cute!
I wantt. anyone wanna teman me? Collect them for me....?
*puppy eyes*
If you are collecting them (because they come in sealed packs you can't choose which plush you get. damn those business gimmicks!) you can go online to trade with other people for the plush you want. :)

I'll leave the link HERE*. Its the local Cheers link and you can get wallpaper like the one above.