Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blackie & Fanfan + Yanzi & Nadim Van de Ros

Ahh...when idols get married. :)) Fans are especially happy, i'm not too sure about those crazy fanatics who dream about making the idols their own, i think they're just selfish. For the rest of us fans who see upon our idols as inspirations we are most happy for them. Like how you will be happy for your family member who gets a good marriage partner.

Congratulations to Fan fan and Hei Ren for finally tying the knot after 10 long years of being together! May their marriage last long till the heavens and stay blissful always:)

They got married within a day of each other 黑人+范范 on polling day April 7 and Yan Zi the day after polling day April 8!

Lets see 黑人 & 范范's blissful moments...:)
the wedding photo.
they initially didn't intended upon taking the wedding photos and were persuaded by everyone around that its a must.
luckily they did so, it is such a beautiful set of pictures.
so sweet:)

o yes. and before i show photos of the wedding i'll put a clip on how it first happen, i mean the proposal that is!:)

Blackie proposed to fanfan at a basketball match in the states, it totally took fanfan by surprise.
1.2.3 now...awww~:)

nike sponsored the wedding shoes for the lovely couple...
i wanna wear sports shoes like this on my wedding day too...
away with the pain from wearing high heels! hahaha...
blackie wore his, but i'm not too sure if fanfan wore heels or the shoes because the shoes might not have give her enough height for the long wedding dress, but she is very tall actually and its a pair, weddings are all about pairs right?;)
Here's a shot with the bridesmaid and bestmen
i don't really know whos the bridesmaid...i recognise them but just can't recall their names *sorry:P
The bestmen are Wang Li Hom, Eddie Peng and Godfrey, what a good looking bunch!
Lucky they can't steal the limelight away from the couple of the night because they glow with blissful light
*ting ting tinggg*

There's a video of the main ceremony itself which is really lovely to watch.
Catch their romantic moment here* i've embedded the youtube link. Or if you want to catch a polished edited video you can catch this one* done up by a Singapore team which shows the highlights of the wedding...I prefer the unedited one because its more funny (what does funny have to do with a wedding?! watch it yourself to find out:P) But i shall put the edited one here for those who would like to see the whole wedding process....:)

hooked with bliss? go catch the one i gave in the link!

before the pastor in the church getting ready to say their vows and
'i do'
happiness forevermore
update*: i did another post for blackie and fanfan, you can find it here*

The next wedding is one of my childhood idol, Stefanie Sun Yan Zi!
they say the bride always look the prettiest.
i couldn't agree more. :)
Here is Yanzi's husband Mr Nadim Van de Ros...
they have been in a relationship for 5 years and finally tied the knot,
i'm sure all the fans are happy that yanzi has finally found her happiness.
Good for you!:)))
The Straits Time featured an article on her wedding with more pics here*
During the wedding day Jolin who is one of Yanzi best friend was present in Singapore for her concert too, coincidentally. But i'm sure even if she wasn't holding her concert at this period of time she would still make it down for her buddy's big day.
I personally like Yanzi in the Chinese Gua best
what can i say?
It's red and cheery and the bride looks especially radiant in it!
Yanzi & mr Nadim
Have a baby soon!

Doesn't all this blissful weddings make you feel love is such a special thing and want to get married soon?

ya. i'll get married to air.


  1. Beautiful couple,
    Watch BF dinner video here:

  2. Yea, they sure are:)
    Got it! Thanks!