Thursday, May 26, 2011

black nails and iron on fingers

now i know why i can never be a hand make sure the photo turn out decent i needed the help of muddy to come into the pic to let my chubby fingers look cuter
after i done everything i realised i did it the other way round i wanted the lighter tone on my fingers and darker one on my toes...o well.
it went well though:)

o o i forgot to say, i iron my own fingers the other day while ironing the clothes.
but luckily my receptors to pain are still working very well, i pull it out fast and ran it under cold water and went to put some 'miracle' cream (pardon, i forgot the name:P) bought from China previously known to be very good for burns...indeed it was awesome!
if it weren't for it i think i would have two boils on my middle and ring finger...and maybe tiny finger too...

but now theres just a little black scar on the ring finger which was the worst hit the other day.
the rest are all alright.
woohoo. magic cream! i previously let ling use it for her burn too she also say it was good.

ahh. thank goodness for it.
i will be more careful next time:)