Monday, October 25, 2010

Get Well Soon Selina! and Yu Hao Ming!

*updates: Selina can go home to recuperate!:) new post updated **here**

If you have been following taiwan news lately or join the SHE fb page you would have learnt that just few days ago an explosion mishap happen while filming My Date with Spring causing SHE's Selina and China's F4 cast star Yu Hao Ming to be seriously injured with 3rd degree burns.

*updates just seen through SHE fb page* News is that Selina has gone through a successful first operation and this 2-3 weeks are critical that she does not get any infections through patients etc. Jia you Selina! You will get better soon! :)

this is the video which had the report.
I have not seen any news on the co star yu hao ming though, i hope he is getting along better too.
Jia you too!

I saw this video which gave a clearer account due to the graphics on the case, but this news is updated till before Selina has been sent back to Taiwan.

According to the Chinese reports there have been conflicting reports on whether both stars suffered 50% of body burns of 39%...I believe it should be the latter number. 3rd degree burns are very serious and skin grafting would be needed.

When i initially heard of the news i thought injuries wouldn't be so bad, but after subsequent reports it turn out to be very scary. Imagine all the pain and tears, not only from the injured, but all around that care for her and him. Because SHE's Selina is more popular, well, to us here because we aren't introduced to the guy star there are lotsa reports on her not on him.

In many chinese reports it is said that this courageous young star (only 22 going on 23!) was a true hero. He was at Selina's side during the explosion on set and risked himself to protect her preventing more serious damage done to Selina. He is said to be (there is no local news or much news on this just those from chinese reports so i'm not too sure about the current updates) that he suffered much more serious injuries and was in ICU. I heard (from youtube news following up onthese) that the two stars are on stable condition.

I believe 好人有好报! So 俞灏明 buddha and all gods is on your side because you are a good person! Hang in there! Get well soon!
Selina is back in Taiwan as of last night and through recent updates is said to have been finally seen by her parents all wrapped up in bandages. I can't imagine the pain the parents and all her loved ones feel upon seeing that. But in better news, her conditioning is stable and she is able to consume a little food. Selina! Gogogo!! You will get well soon. Hang in there! Everyone is cheering on for you. And if you see the label on top of this post, yea, thats the one all to pass on cheering for Selina.

Sometimes i love the media other times i hate them, yes everyone loves to get first hand news, but then, shooting (pictures with flash at the victims) shouting, chasing the parents around. is it really needed? it is really ethical? this people are in pain, trauma, and there you are adding on to the wound. but then again i understand its their job. its in my line of study too. such feelings of contradiction. worried fans and friends wait for first hand news to be updated, and then don't wish the media to add on to the traumatic frenzy. such contradicting situation.

Get well soon!
Everyone is praying for your safety.

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