Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Papa Stone's embarassment.

I found this video by random chance, though it talks about Stone's most embarassing incident. I saw more than that in the video, i saw the strong bond of friendship amidst the talk of embarassment. hahaa...i do think stone papa learn his lesson after that (see video to know what i mean) but i think honestly though he say otherwise i bet he was happy though *100 embarassed that his buddies were there. ;P

石頭 丟臉跟死掉的抉擇

since i'm on mayday videos, just one more :D Mayday with 哈林! I like 哈林!:) I can't tell how old he is, but from ashin's description that 哈林's concert is the 2nd concert they caught in their lifetime, i think 哈林 is not too young. But still young at heart and an awesome singer and host! ya:D

Ashin: 我才不要謝謝妳們呢.
if your not a mayday fan or don't see ashin and the gang talk much you probably wouldn't get his/their sense of humour...;P

Take care peeps.
Be a nice human now!

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