Sunday, October 3, 2010

In Bangkok.Part two. Political Days

One of the most untouristy things i did this time round i went to bkk was that i went to a political rally....0.o like whaaat? Really. me? and politics...usually never mix....still won't mix, but it was an interesting experience. Orange said it would be a 'small room'...well if you see the following pics the room didn't look too small though...hahahaha....and i thought it would be boring...well. politics duh. :p but with my camera going snap snap here and there and cheering for orange's god-bro's bro for his voting wasn't so bad. :)woke up like at 6.
so we didn't have a decent breakfast.
pi art (orange's god bro) was real nice, drove us to the pretrol station store to get breakfast and all...
and and of course our favourite milk teaaaaa!
cha yan!:DD
so this was who we were there for.
orange's god bro's bro. aka pi jo.
the person holding the plate is the pretty jiejie, god bro's sis.
pi min or is it pi mim?
nvm. pretty jiejie:)
there. all our morning treat.
and the funny thing which happen with this tea is that when i went into the 'small room' some lady came up to me and point at my cup of tea and asked me something
( i presume she was asking me where i bought it from?)
and orange was too far away for me to call for sos. lol...
so i stood there like a big dumbdumb going..errrr...0.o..??
she must have been thinking. This girl so sombong don't wanna answer her..:( whoops.
sombong-malay for proud, not in the good way though.
obviously, it wasn't that much of a serious event for us...:P
these were the other groups cheering on for their respective people....
the center of the 'small room' ok. it was about the size of a big assembly hall.
holding the banner!
hohoho. orange. cheeky ah...:P lols
our section was one of the smallest troupes. I think it was just family and friends
orange and pi jo.
if you all watch the magic show on 'Fei ge's da ge da, do you see someone familiar in the pic?
I immediately thought of Erick lao shi when i saw that banner....
this was after the pollings. and pi jo picked his district's voting numnber...
the home team got busy to add the number 2 up.

tadaa. efficiency.
and the sea of 2 with pi jo's face was waving around.

so many people.
political people mountain people sea. :P
ooo. the media people.
reporters. camera man!

it was interesting to see live interviews.
the various candidates from various districts.

we saw these scene on the news just hours later...
i'll just leave the photos to represent the mood then....

this is pi jo with uncle and auntie
they are giving him flowers and wreaths as congratulatory it think
see. getting number 2 is good cause can just easily do the peace sign.
imagine getting 4....

orange with pi jo after flower giving

the whole family lacking pi art only
this is jy!
can you find fishy?
shes so kind! help me carry me bag. :D

ready to tour the place getting votes.

vote for me!

and off they gooo!

this was while we were waiting to go to our next destination....
we were just people many peopleeeee
and of course i was taking photos!:D
my super cute girls:)
auntie and uncle! full of life:))
yay! finally one together!:)))
this person's voting vehicle super cute! pink erm. mortor?
random. but i liked that shot.
among the politics a nonchalant boy riding his bike.

off to the temple to ask luck...
the whole entourage.
yesh. we were there too...
and we went to visit the king too...
well sort of..
and pray for his well being. :)
get well soon
Mr King.
peace and serinity
praying and offering flowers for his majesty's well being.

the real full entourage....

It was really a political day with interesting stuff you would never get to see as a normal tourist.....

stay tune for the next part....

Take care!

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