Wednesday, October 27, 2010

just another day.

Yay! I finally finished all the 10 scripts and one story board (lucky its only 12 frames, imagine with my sucky drawing skill..-.-) haha...:P
haha. here is my amatuerish drawing storyboard.Lucky prof doesn't need artist looking style...lols:P

Now its back to hit the notes. and i am bored. i don't like to be home alone. borrringg.

music for the night: Jason Harwell's -Somewhere the Sun. :)

Yesh. i basically have nothing much to say. I just wanted to pop by for a quick someone someway to talk to. ironic. i know. i don't like doing phone calls, don't ask me why, impersonal i guess, and i have nothing to talk about unless the other party can really chat if not i find a phone call to always be awkardddd. hahaa. its probably just me. no. i'm sure. hahaha. yesh. i'm feeling restless. I shall stop here and get back to work.

Chao. Hope everyone's getting along awesome this night. if anyone ever reads this anyway. haa. :)

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