Thursday, October 21, 2010

lala's gratitude journal for the day.

i'm getting restless. and here's my new fb pic. i haven't changed one in sometime.

I hate doing scripts using the same old info. boringgg. 5 different scripts using the same info. urgh. especially when i'm not confident i'm getting it all right. but i think the boredom is killing me just as much at the same time.

i wanted to write fml but then, nah. it really isn't anything bad to say so. i'm just being bored and restless. and there are so many more things in the world that really goes awry. so what am i doing giving negative energy over scripts.

Come. Positive. *rainbows and ponys!* :DDD

Yesh. i'm just ranting. but positively. because i just learn about the gratitude journal when i saw it on huaytyng's fb. Not too sure what it is yet, haven't checked it out. But i'm almost sure it is something about being grateful each and every day for the little little things you have in life.

and though yes, i'm bored with my script page for now and have little motivation and inspiration, i do have things i feel grateful for today. i think its so awesome i can say its for the whole week! :) and i really have to give credit to stupid computer website fb because i really enjoyed memories through photos today. :)

I have awesome flautist buddies mates!XD
i tell/remind myself this often. :))
though yes, sometimes we test each others patience, not on purpose, but friends do that. so we're pals. :D<3 lotsa it.

I have an awesome family :))))

I get to meet my favourite people in Sing.
My beloved cousie and aunt. :)
Just enjoying the photos make me happy and fuzzy. :)

I remember someone once told me, *some wise person?show?book?*if you can feel so angry with a person one day or two and still love the person at the end of the day. You gota share a special bond and relationship with the other party.
wise words indeed.
only with people you choose to put in your heart do you feel so yea.
though sometimes i feel less loved. and emo-ey i know. it could be just me. or a phase. whichever.
not every relationship is without bumps but at the end of the day all can be well.
to the people who you know i love you. yesh.
you know who you all are
i love you all. mum. dad. you you and you.


and that's my not so random out of the blue gratitude journal for the day.
and it was because of the lovely photos which made me smile.

i'm sure this is not a permanent installment on my blog because i'll be lazy and to write such heartfelt post, it comes once in a while...:) people don't really read and appreciate such stuff much anymore.

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