Monday, October 4, 2010

enemies and friends

heres a random one from a not so random emotion. *i am not refering to any particular person or situation in this instance.just a thought that came by.*

Sometimes there are good things in the enemy, not that i think i have one or want to have one. It's that enemies, you are certain when you are at a mad dash with that you can clobber than up, easily.

But with friends, you, ok, I really don't know what to do. People say i have a good temper, sometimes i wish i do not, actually i think and know i do not, its just that to not cause too much friction i'll collect internal injury(think of it in chinese terms, you might just get it), i'll swallow all my deep frustrations and anger i have of wanting to clobber and rant at the person in their face. And trust me, when i really overboil, it is not a pretty scene, at all. That's why, i very, very seldom do it. But then again sometimes i really wish they would understand why or what i'm annoyed over, i'm quite sure i'm not that petty *ahems. shifty eyes.* I'm not right? But, i never know how to put what i want to say accross to them, i guess i have a fear of offending people, more like friends.

Sometimes i just wish and say o god, if only they can read my mind or i can transfer my mind message over without hurting anyone or the relationship. Friction could be for the better or for the worst, but i guess, call me a scaredy cat. I treasure all the people i treasure too much to want any friction to come between us. Is that a bad thing? Maybe? Maybe not?

I certainly hope it won't be...

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