Thursday, October 21, 2010

Airasia VS Tiger air. Owned.

Take that tiger! For rescheduling and cancelling people's flights as you wish even though you 'have a clause to protect yourself' doing it as and when to passenger's inconvenience just comes down rude. boo. I think Airasia totally owned Tiger with this ad.
I like it!

In a non connecting incident i wanna share this new(?) song from Will Smith's daughter Willow Smith. I love Will Smith as an actor. :) Why i'm sharing this song is not because i'm being bias cause it's his daughter it's because i really really like the concept of the music video -Whip your hair back by Willow Smith. If you saw Karate kid, you might wonder why the two kids look alike? Cause, their siblings duh. :) I like the whole video concept. nice. The song, not too much, not because it's not nice and all, don't get me wrong, it's just not the kinda genre i'm too fond of, but according to my other gal pals. It's hot stuff. So that can't be wrong. Have a listen and watch the video. ;)

Bring more colours into your life.

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