Monday, October 18, 2010

blooper shots for the concert

Just as the title says this are the opps photos which didn't make it from the concert the last time they were here....
You will realise the top two reasons why their blooper shots are because 1. too blur. or 2. lightstick in the way. -_-

hahaha....i don't think theres much explaination for blooper shots so just enjoy the blunders...hahahaha....:P theres the post with the correct shots. Click under the labels 五月天 or mayday to find them:)
Here goes....
don't block my shot~ :(
well. at least this one looks artistic? :p
but i do think it brings a mood of mystery
don't you think?
i kinda like this one too actually. thought not clear but cool still;) heh.
the light went off just as i snapped. great.
this one took the cake home.
what was i even shooting?! hahaha...:p

just had to wave when i press the shutter button...hahah.
the blurs.
yes i have tons of them. these are just few of it. so happen the ones i choose to put up are those with ashin..
so coincedental..honest:Psee. got stone papa.
if this photo wasn't blur, i'm sure ashin would have look dashing.
i realise theres nothing wrong with this pic.
Lastly i end with a blooper shot which i actually quite turn out to like...
i shot a bokeh by accident.

This photos are from the beginning of the year, i was just in the 'i miss mayday' mood.
yeaps. and that's the end of the little bloopers shots i took during the concert, its hard to take good pics and enjoy and pay attn and participate all at the same time, so if you can't....
just enjoy the concert, sing and scream along.
it's really the best choice.

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