Sunday, October 17, 2010

badminton is good...

Even if it means you have to pick up the first 100 balls before able getting to get the next hour running more smoothly....hahaha...:P

Jin, Huan, Fang, Xian and I went for a game of badminton today. yay:)
No photos of the girls and i cause there were little accidents and we, me were all to sweaty and sticky by the end of the game to remember to take one...hahaha...

Though yes,i admit i am very*100 lousy in any hand eye coordination game or anything related i still think i enjoyed:) Thanks to the girls. My first pro partner Jinjin! taught me how to serve, ya the ball. I kept hitting it up into the sky....not to the opposite side...lols...

So after many many tries, yea, i could serve, not well, but at least to the other side....The other pro player on the other side *hidden pro* fang very pro-ly served the ball and jinjin sprained her ankle trying to catch the ball...*guilty* i'm the lousy partner. opps. sorry jinjin:x haha...:PP Hope your leg gets well soonnnnnn!! Very soon!:) then we go play again next time kies! next time i will be better! hee...i manage to play 'alright' towards the'll be proud. hahahahahah. :Pp Next year we buy full set of guards for your birthday...lols;P

After Jin's bro came to pick her up, i swopped and got another pro partner, fangfang. Luckily no mishaps this time...lols...We ended up half chatting half playing...and we got better...we manage to go on a few flys to each other side before picking up balls to start over again...hahaha...

Though the after feel of stickiness is rather horrible, to walk home and bath,other than that, it was fun:)

Let's play again soon k girls? :)))

Doesn't he/she look adorable?
Mummy, i want one. o pretty pleasseee.
Doesn't work, i've tried that for the past 15 years...ahaahahaha

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