Sunday, September 27, 2009

doing dinner.

old photo jy put together.
meeting my 3 gals.
doing dinner is fun. :)
pals meet up not necessarily only when there is a occasion, making time once in awhile just to do dinner and chit chat about each others life is nice. feels warm. heh.
it's nice to be updated on each others life, even if it's random little stuff.
if you haven't met up with your bud whom you used to just chat just because, for a long time, make an effort to find time to do so. i'm sure it'll be a great thing!:)

and specially for jy*ahems*:P, who was lost when we talking about this singer whom both me and orange thought were good...

jy was asking about this two new songs. so to share with jy and everyone too!:D
enjoy. :)

wonder when will her solo album be out?
here's the old post i did about pets.
hope you'll like her voice. ;)

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