Thursday, September 17, 2009

Forget to remember.

forget to remember
I was trying out my new brushes and doodling and got quite happy with the results. bhb. i made a poster with it....should have made it verticle so it can be used as a wallpaper...but o well, heck. i still used it as a wallpaper because i got kinda bored with the old one...haha...

Blogger didn't let me upload the original from the comp (its turned up in the wrong colour, like real ugly. -_-) thus i had to get this through flickr...wonder what went wrong....

But but. i'm not putting this up here because i like the colours, ok partly just a lil....:p but it's more because i would like to share the quote in the poster...

"Forget to Remember How To be Afraid."
-this was a quote from the character 5 from the movie 9.

think about it...hope you like this quote too. ;)

Since, I am on the topic of the movie "9", let me do a mini short review on it. Why 'mini'? because i didn't really enjoy the movie......

tim burton's "9" opened on 9 sept 2009.

Cite Tim Burton's name and most people would think of "The Nightmare before Christmas" and "Corpse Bride". These two are just a tip of his many good works. Another few to add on to the two which i just mention and which i enjoy very very much from Tim Burton are " Edward Scissorhands", "Charlie and the chocolate factory" and "James and the Giant Peach" i'm sure most of you would have at least heard of or catch the first two...if not more....
I always loved tim's works, the witty story lines, the techniques (for many of it like nightmare,corspe bride and edward scissorhand german expressionism style is seen as a influence) he use to bring out the movie's characters.
But when i went to watch this movie with my classmates i felt kinda dissapointed with it.
Very frankly the only plus point of the movie for me was the quote which i used above. Other than that, i really wasn't too impressed with it. The story wasn't really of a strong plot for me, it was just so-so. i was looking hard for a place to laugh, cry or something, non hit me, it was all done in one tone, half way through i was the movie ending? could say the visuals were good?

But overall, if you were to ask me, i would say....if your looking for entertainment that is not the movie for you....well, unless your too free and have a little spare cash. I was wondering, if it was because i was too biased because it was a partly set in a more 'dark tone' after thinking...naahhh. i really just do not enjoy it i guess. couldn't find a excuse for it....haha...

But still, i would recommend the other movie i watched some time back.
Aliens in The Attic.

No stella cast, no big director to boast.
But, i think it's one which makes you come out from the cinema feeling alot more light hearted.
Not a sob sob family movie, more of one full of laughter. If you had been having a stressful week and just need a good laugh, go for this.
The plot is simple, aliens coming to take over the world and it's up to the kids to save our world.
Why not the adults? Who are these kids? Aliens@-@?
Go enjoy the movie to find out more.
Simple plot, but good enough for this 86min movie.
warning. leave your brains and prejudice outside the theatre if you want to truly enjoy the movie, go with a child-like heart(if you want to be a stern old boring adult, i suggest skip all these kind of shows altoghether. haa.) o, and bring your kids, little sis or bro, trust me, they'll thank you for it. :)

9 wasn't a big hoo-haa for me, i hope the next tim burton movie would be good.
alice in wonderland.
i wonder how he would remake this well known tale?

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