Thursday, September 24, 2009

stupid packaging.

stupid packaging. why are you designed so nicely to entice me to buy you...? hahaa...:p
I admit....i bought them because they looked too cute to it wasn't too expensive...heh.:P
face masks from's said to be the "No.1 facial mask from Taiwan" i guess there should be some truth in that....haven't tried it out yet...hope it's good though!:D
yes...i'm a sucker for good packaging....esp those from japan and do they make everything look so good?!
bad bad....
luckily my rationale comes to good use *at times, well, sometimes not:P*when i get awaken from the mesmerism of the beauty of the product when i see its price tag...-_-''

i'm sure i'm not the only person attracted to all this o-so-beautiful things.
shallow human beings.ahh.thats me too>.<>o the sin, but so yummy. i finally found the cure to my two lappy's illnesses.

Just in case any of you might be experiencing the virus without knowing it let me just share the stuff which i know with you all.:)
Just do a check, click on these two anti-virus webs Trendmicro , Symantec.
Can you get in smoothly? Are you able to do updates for the antivirus system on your lappy or pc now...? i think most of us use free avg antivirus.. or it could just be me, cheapskate-_-

if the answer is yes to the two above then a-okie! there should be no problem!:D
but, if you have either of the problem or both of the problems...then you might have encountered the same virus i did...but no worries! i found the solution! weee...*act smart. beaming. lol*eh. not easy ok, i found the solution after multiple failed attempts. *sho smart. cough cough*

Download AVZ antiviral toolkit from here**
Then set it up and do a good scan, it would help you remove the bug.

yeapyeaps. :)
hope that was useful for you guys if you needed it.
take care! loves. be a nice human. :)

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