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Blue Lightsticks. Buddies. Mayday五月天.D.N.A创造演唱会World Tour 09

The DNA Mayday concert started out in Hong Kong>Melbourne>Sydney>Shanghai>Beijing>Harbin and Hangzhou before finally arriving in Singapore as its 8th stop! *current concert schedule is only out until november...i wonder if they would plan malaysia in for 2010. sure hope so. then bro can go see.heh. :)
Woooots! It's finally hereeee!:)
Blue Lightsticks. Buddies. Mayday; make the best concerts ever. Period.
After 8 long months of anticipation....
I finally went to
2009-2010 Mayday D.N.A World Tour
Singapore Pit stop August 28
Singapore Indoor Stadium.
Yesh. i went! me! finally! after years of idol-lising. I finally was able to buy myself a ticket to catch them live. * drum roll and dramatic sound effects pls* :D
small note to all ** beside the song titles are the wonderful awesome lyrics if interested. And those in [] are the parts of the lyrics which i love. :)

the tickets.
thanks to orange helped by logging in early in the morning waiting for sistic to open.
Then we choing-ed to get the seats. a thai and a about learning of Singapore Kiasu-ismlol!:P
me and orange waited and waited then when the flood gate open click click click and doned! then she went to help collect the tickets. I only saw the actual tix on the concert day....I would keep it nicely! :) orange..remember to help me keep ah...heh.:P
of course i wouldn't go on my own. good things are meant to be shared right? haha.
ling. lala. orange.
mayday concert blue lighsticks! :D
being awesomely excited and happy with my lightsticks. lol
ok. a more proper one. we had some time before the concert. so it was snap snap here and there. i was so excited and! just like a small kid. :P
See the blue lightsticks? Me and ling specially headed down to bugis to get it. We got 2 each, but i made sure there was one blue for each of us. True, because i like blue..but! more so because i remembered the official or unofficial colour lightstick for a mayday concert is blue! my favourite colour and favourite band. how apt. =)
my blue and green lightsticks(middle). someone kapok my green one. no lah. the person didn't bring a lightstick to the concert. ya, i know. how cannn. lol. so gave ours there....though i really love lightsticks. sob. without the lightsticks its harder to wave in a super high crazy it was a good thing we shared the lightsticks so more can enjoy the concert and mayday will be happy too! :D
i keep my lightsticks from the concerts i go to.
Currently i have two.
One from mayday's. the other from jayC's of which a good friend brought me to. xie xies.
i hope i will have more lightsticks to collect esp blue ones!:)
more mayday!
people. are so greedy. give them one. they wanna see more. :P
its mayday, i can't help it. *shrugs* lol. :P
this was the crowd. it was full. crowded with people who love mayday too. awww.
people mountain people sea. *read it in chinese if you can.*
there was a major traffic jam just outside the indoor stadium...we were caught in it too...luckily we made it on time! :D
DNA Mayday 2009-2010 World Tour.
its starting!:)
there are things which are almost imposible for me to do.
to be a excited lil kid watching fireworks, light displays, or a mayday concert and still at the same time take awesome photos....but we did get some! yay! =)
edited to the best i can for some...:)
enjoy the pics.
The show has started. Create havoc and screeam!:D
wooohooo! its blueeeee:)

Let me introduce mayday.
though i'm very sure you would have known them by now....:P
Lets go!
Mayday's leader
that spot light. that pose. was it a handsome scene asking for a camera shot or what?
and Mayday's guitarist.
Monster! 怪獸!
Dazzling eh? :) You should hear him play. Captivating.

Mayday's Guitarist
His son and wife came on the second night.
小石頭 looks so cute! *i saw the pic on the papers*
石頭爸爸! 吉他手!
With that lovely smile, can you imagine he used to be an angsty teen?

Mayday's Bassist!
* i realise i don't have many good shots of massa. :( aww.*
瑪莎! 貝斯手!
his hair ah......
Mayday's drummer!
Ming 冠佑!
He recently got into some trouble over 'car matters' hope it has all tide down and go smoothly from there.

and i'm sure you all know who my favourite-est out of the favourites is? ;)
of course it's shuai shuai de Mayday's lead singer.
Ashin. :)))

From the start of the concert till the end of the concert....
Everyone was soooo high!
Jumping. like monkey Singing. Screaming?.Enjoying!
Everyone took their lightsticks and waved to every song, standing. There were seats, but, when your being so high and enjoying yourself, what do we need the seats for?
ok, well, we did take a few 'seat breaks' when there was a video segment, then everyone would quietly seat done and intensely watch and enjoy what was going on.

Then when the video is over, immediately everyone is up and about on their feet! It seemed like we were more in synchrony then a class! haha...:P
He played. He sang.
see those blue lightsticks? mine was up the whole night too!
It was a very rare treat to hear monster sing, cux he seldom does. The whole mayday took over when ashin went to the backstage to take a short break i think....nice. :)
Stand. When you go to a concert where everyone stand, it only mean one thing.
The atmosphere was good.
軋車* > 爆肝* > 賭神* > 愛情萬歲* > HOSEE*
I was wondering, die, after being so high, would my energy just end? Take in mind, i'm more a couch junkie. haha....
no. wayy. i was so impressed with myself, i was energetic for the wholeee night. amazing. ask me to give the same amount of energy for straight 4 plus hours up and out on some other occassion,i'll be hard. real hard. :P
When we got to the part of 你不是真正的快樂*. Ashin teared.
[你值得真正的快樂 你應該脫下你穿的保護色
為什麼失去了 還要被懲罰呢
能不能就讓 悲傷全部 結束在此刻 重新開始活著]

I think i've seen him tear in other concerts before....though when press asked, ashin denied, but i saw i saw!no. i didn't take any pics of it. haha...:p whether he was touched by the song or was touched by the moment or recalling 10 years one knows..but those tears must have been tears of joy i guess. :)
ashin in one of my favourite piece of the night. don't you think he looks so awesome?:)
The whole indoor stadium turned into a big karaoke place, where everyone sang together. it felt really really good. especially the songs i loved, when you sing it with mayday and so many people, one word can easily describe that feeling. 爽! :)
Every song was so good. There were so many favourites being sung, there were some which weren't sung due to time constraint, but i felt the melody all around me, singing to it was just o-so-very-Awesomee! :D Soo many songs i love i tell you! if i were to write a list of the many songs i got a kick out of, it would probably go on and on....haha...
ming sang 墓仔埔也敢去 and 製造浪漫.
He just comes across as mr nice guy of mayday.
Ashin made Ming sing. I think so he could play the drums! haha...:P
He teased Ming saying: "你現在沒有車了,多唱一首可以賺多一點錢!"
Naughty naughty. lol. :P
but seeing him sing was fun!
but its ok, he looks awesome playing the drums too.
and don't play play.he's skilled. ;) he know's quite a thing or two, nah, i think more. ;)

Here's the real drummer. He did an awesome solo! everyone had their solos, but i love his! eh. i love monsters solo too! and stone's solo too...arhhh. i love all their solos! It was really what you call rock solid work. Doesn't the light just make the atmosphere feel so good? a out of this world kinda feel?;)
ming wasn't the only one who did a solo singing act, Stone sang the song he wrote for his son too!
Ok, i know, the picture isn't it. But this one's way cooler right? The big screen features his hands on the guitar!
Guys who can play instruments are so handsome.
haha...this just happens to be one of my best and favourite shot of the night, though its not ashin....i must admit stone looked very cool in that pose, and the colour and lighting, niceee. :) music solo, even nicer. estatically awesome.

When they were singing 笑忘歌* (我们的歌,love this song!) *or was it 知足?:P*
[青春是手牽手坐上了 都不回頭的火車
總有一天我們都老了 不會遺憾就OK了 傷心的 都忘記了
只記得這首笑忘歌 那一天天空很高風很清澈
從頭到腳趾都快樂 我和你 都約好了
要再唱這首笑忘歌 這一生只願只要平凡快樂

they held their friendship tight in their hands
We did the same too. I guess at that moment, the song was beautiful, but the moment was even more beautiful. Thus, i remember the moment more than the lovely touching song, i was in between two buds, singing my heart out with my sweaty palms-_- interlocking theirs, and replying ashin's friendship quotes *as below in the post, though im not sure if i got the whole thing, but thats the gist, i guess* suddenly one feels blessed. :)

massa described coming to Singapore to have a concert frequently as 例行公事. A normal routine already. That's a good thing. :)
Ming said they feel as comfortable as being in their own home's kitchen. haa!
the mascot for the concert came out playing the guitar!after the video of DNA. soo cute! :)
i was kinda hoping they do they DNA dance live, they did it in Hong Kong? Catch that video here.
你是空气 但是好闻胜过了空气
你是阳光 但是却能照近半夜里
水能载舟 也能煮粥 为饱了生命

ashin and stone or was it monster? left the stage to get closer to the crowds. high-ness!
this song is a must! in all concerts.
because, they love to play 'games' witht this song....haha...=)

Ashin: "再過八分鐘就是明天了,你們還要嗎?"
me and everyone present:
"要!" =D

heh. :)

that night ashin阿信 没破音. 高音都拉得很好. u lousy critics which blasted him ealier this year, just because he was sick.haa! eat that. he was awesome, okie.
heartwarming and pleasant. Genuineness.
don't we all look for that in music?

ashin is getting old. he is sitting down?! he seldom or does he even? sit during a concert. nah, he's just trying to get into the mood. that slow sexy? mood~
to sing bossa nova version of

before the song he asked the fans, *in chinese of course*
Ashin:It's so late already. Aren't you all going home yet?
mayday fans: *in perfect unison chorus* Noooooooooo
Ashin: It's so late already, and you all are not going home. Is there public transport at this hour?
maday fans: nooooooooooo.
Ashin: then we'll accompany you all... "那就陪你们"
awwww. :)
though it was just a few more songs. it was still a very 'awwww' moment.
*melts away*haa..:P
擁抱* (love this song!)
志明與春嬌(acoustic) (bossa nova version.)
They did this bossa nova version in their very first concert 10 years ago, thus when celebrating their 10th anniversary they decided to do it again tonight. I love the original version. :) it was one of their very first songs which caught the attention of many. so i guess you can call it 最初
I Love You 無望 *
The last four songs for the night.

alas.every show must have an ending.
天下无不散之宴席 *meaning*
all good things must come to an end.

it was a tearful farewell no it wasn't, it was a heartwarming ending.
憨人** was sung to end the night on the most heart warming note.
[我不是好子 嘛不是歹人 我只是愛眠夢..
..我不是頭腦空空 我不是一隻米蟲..
..不怕路歹行 不怕大雨淋 心上一字敢
面對我的夢 甘願來作憨人]

This song was one of their earlier hokkien songs, they did a chinese version which i thought was really cute too. But i liked the lyrics of this song very much. very awesome song.

It was hard to describe that warm fuzzy feeling, but the whole stadium was really just singing along and as the song ended on "la laa laa laaa啦啦啦" Everyone didn't stop.
We just kept on singing, as they bowed, as if to let them know, the fans love them.
It was a heartwarming scene, that's the only way i know how to best describe the scene.
I didn't realise how long they bowed, but it was reported the moment lasted for 2minutes long! imagine that! bowing for 2whole minutes. They must have felt the love and were soaked in the moment too. The sweat, the pain, the love, the fun, the sacrifices, the moment of glory, the happiness, their 10 years anniversary.

I didn't see this...but i read from here*“828”這個特別的紀念日讓五月天感觸良多,在台上流下男兒淚。* and quite a few other sites and media, monster and stone teared in the farewell. Were they touched by us too? Just as we were touched by them?
It must be, the right moment.

the aftermath of the concert.
maybe this is what people call a beautiful disaster? but, it ain't not a disaster.
wonderfully messed up? yea. i like that one.
wonderfully messed up. :)
paper paper everywhere. had alook of snow when it first rained down on us.
romance in the air. ahaa.
taadaa. the concert has ended. must take a full view of our shirts!;) heh.

thank you fishy and orange for sharing a beautiful night with me.
i was honoured to stand in the middle of you two to be a crazy lil girl, not caring about glamness? image, just being the crazy mayday fan, being a monkey, so high! and having all the fun i want. :D
ashin: "看你左/右边的人是不是你好朋友?




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