Wednesday, September 30, 2009

o dear. o gosh. its going to be a looong day.

I suspect my lecturer and i are from different planets...i can't seem to get much out of the lessons. Probably ain't her fault, maybe it's just me. I'm so getting lost, she seems like shes in her own world, telling us stuff, but i don't get it.....and the assignment is killing me. aihhhyeeeeeeeeee~

stress and late nights and stupid haze leads to pimples...hope they don't find me this time. *hides* haa!

hahaaa....o well! on the bright side....i manage to get text book at $12++ bucks as compared to $90++ bucks.....wooohooo. saved money is always good. :)) that's the only consolation for now...i'm hitting the books and assignments....oooooo,dohk*homer simpson style*!

Hope i get a sudden understanding, hit me soon o wise one! hahaha...:P

Hope the rest of you peeps are having a good good week!:)
take care. loves.

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