Wednesday, September 16, 2009

thank you yee. :)

Sze yee was so sweet!:)
She made us all this little 'photo notes' which were gorgeous, totally heartfelt.
Thanks yee for the beautiful memorable little gift!
I saw some kids in bright band tees just the other day around cwp....yesh our msl bright yellow band tee....who can ever miss it? heh...
i was so excited....but then i realised. gosh. i do not know those kids, and they do not recognise me as well....suddenly i felt old, to rub it in, my mum who was standing me told me..."aiyo, you oldie already lah. they won't recognise you." @-@ awwwww. *not in the happy mood kinda aww. you get what i mean* i suddenly felt so old just for a moment, but then kinda proud at the same time thinking....i used to wear one of those bright yellow shirts too! haa....:)

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