Friday, September 18, 2009

It's alright to be a poser.

yes. i'm sure, i pose like that with my friends too.
New shot from Wong Fu. When i watched the first 10 seconds of the 14minutes clip i was is this really a wong fu shot or did i click on the wrong clip....after making sure i continued...then realised, yeapx, i was on the right
cast of show.
at usual. humour, check. wes is o so cute, check, phil and ted,un-check (behind the scenes count? lol. where was ted?!) it's really kinda interesting, it's a mockumentary by the way, not a documentary. It talks about the whole 'posing' kinda asia and the different parts of the world. I didn't find it offensive in any way, though those more sensitive might? no idea. but if you don't think your one...gamely watch it...all the way yea? it gets funnier towards the end. and wes is somewhere in the middle lol.

You can read the writeup for the inspiration here*. not too sure if it'll suit your taste because, it not a story kinda video. But i recommend it because, it's a interesting take, i've thought of this at some point too. tell me if you like it...;) and if you have watched it...admit it! we do many of those poses! at least once hey. be proud of it, at least we happen to look cute? when we're at it. heh.:P

anyway, i wanted to see if i really did any of those poses with my pals so i went to my fb pictures to have a look and wadaya knowww, i'm the princess of peace peace pose-r. i'll show you in pics, out of 10 i have my peace sign up about 7 times. 0.o hahaa.
but i guess among my friends...we're considerably mild....? in terms of
alone. peace.
everyone together. peace!
no the hand on hair was not a pose, the wind was just strong in
with ling. peace. at least shes doing something cute. i'm still peace-ing.
son has the peace genes. lol.
with my buggers. i'm peacing again. but, bie and jo sure look cute with the double peace!

and i got fed up with seeing all my peace poses....i tried to look for some in which i had something least there were. *phew* i thought i was soo boring with all the sign peace signs.
look! finally i found me not peace-ing, i was normal...but my cute buggers are doing the peace!
its cute ok. and peace to the world is a good thing. heh. :P
the wide angle. jump pose.
at least i didn't do 2?
and one of the more interesting poses. the superman mario one?;P

but i realised. after i saw this photo in fb tagged by jy.
the many classic pose we do usually come when we are taking neo-prints.
flip out your neo-prints, very hardly you'll be just standing there smiling.....
was i right?
heh. ;)

it's ok to be a pose-r in photos, as in pose for the camera, but not a poser in life, where you be someone your not. ;)

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