Saturday, September 26, 2009

spot the lil aLien game.

lilalienations: heard of the big flop of the organisers for the inugural f1 rocks concert. from the many reports i have read and a personal encounter from one of my faved dj's cruz. i really reel in disgust of the organisers for this event, esp on the night where all the chinese superstars and bands perform. among these people were legends. a*mei and jacky, not to mention i enjoy sodagreen and da mouth's stuff too. i feel by the way of handling we can see that, (the organisers)they were ill prepared, and just plainly rude. they didn't even allow the dj to salvage the situation when he clearly could have easily done it. sheesh. concert organisers, you're spoiling your own image. boo to you all for that.

a primary school friend tagged a old primary school class photo from the yearbook on fb....gosh. eons ago. ancient stuff sia...haha...
now...find sarah. clue: i was looking omg so fugly. -_-
but, o well, that's ok. it's part of growing up.
not that i think i look much better now...but at least i don't have such awful looking hair now.
click on the pic for a bigger view if you wanna.

have you found me yet? :P
oo...for the record, i didn't like the chinese language teacher in the class pic, the one before this was wayyy better to me at least:). Just looking at the picture, i think i still don't really like her class, wonder if she's still teaching? Maybe i was prejudice agaisnt her as a kid? oops. =X I used to skip her classes, o the havoc, but go to see another teacher. the irony? lol. the other teacher was a nice relieve teacher, but i guess she never wondered why i could miss half of the whole period sheesh. such a bad bad kid. lol.

i use to remember slps was so dirt poor not so rich , in my memory that is, no fancy band or orchestra like other primary schools. I thought all schoold didn't have it either! only until i reach secondary school then i wrong i was. :P and when i visited the newly built siling primary then i realised, back then, we really didn't have all that many stuff, all the fancy pancy stuff.

But then, if you ask me, did that make a difference?
no way man.
would i have choose another school just because they had fancy pancy buildings and equipments or prestigous names to go with?
of course not.

very simply because, i was a kid.
who needs all those. some 'atas sikit' people may always beg to differ, but, o well, to each his own.
when you're young, as long as theres friends,junk food and time to play.
its someone near heaven, ok, still far. but kids from my time were more gong simple minded. happiness is actually very simple. humans complicate it at times.

being with loved ones. being yourself.
time to be them and time to be you.
great food helps too. haa!

have you found me yet?
psst. i was the fugly 7th student from the left on the second row. heh.
so what if i was fugly? i was growing up. and proud of my memories!
wouldn't change any of the memories i have from whenever a kid till now,even if you asked me.
sometimes some people say they are ashamed to look at their growing up days, i think, so whaaaat if i looks fugly or whatever. it's my precious memories!;) don't let anyone take that away from you...
go make more memories!
my slps pals:)
my buggers:)
my gals:)
and so many more memories.
past present future makes a man.

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