Tuesday, May 13, 2008

to do a good deed.

*Update* Saw this in today's The Straits Times May14 2008 (click on picture for larger view)Recently there has been many natural disasters going on. First the myanmar's cyclone then just heard over the news today that China has been hit with a very bad earthquake, which sent tremors all the way to Bangkok too.

hmmx...it's saddening to turn on the radio and tv to get news such as this...i'd rather see the blossoming of cheery cherry blossom every other day. Its pretty, and happy...who wouldn't prefer that. but, alas, when nature strikes back, it hits hard.

Ok. if you have been living in some mountain top and is still being a swaa koo and have totally no clue to what im talking about...here are some links to lift your queries. *direct click on it*
**Myanmar cyclone Article. **
**China Earthquake Article. **

As much as I am pissed with the myanmar government for not allowing the aid to get in, delaying and delaying and needing to get permission from them. They are NOT helping the matter in anyway. stupid people. !@#$%^&*. i'm so irritated by them, think of your people more, care more about your people, can? People are trying to help you here, they are sending in the aid, don't be so petty, nothing can be more important that your people's life....#$%^&*((*&^%. so pissed with them. nothing much i can do there. but it seems that the situation is getting a little better with the aid, lets just hope it gets better from there. :)

Well, what we can do here is to donate money or pass our reusable items to help the people there. I'm sure it has been published in all local newspapers what to do to pass the aid in. For people who read's local (S'pore) Straits Times.
here is the article i tried scanning. scanner too small can capture abit only..-_-'

You can have a look at yesterday's thesundaytimes.May112008. Under world section page 18 it states the many different ways to help out in any way you can.

I did the following two today.....

my mum drove to the front entance of Newton Circus Carpark to donate off our reusable items. There were quite a number of things there already. Remember, reusable, do not give something, even you would not think good of at all...like maybe say torn and tattered? you get what i mean...:)

the other two places to drop of your reusable items are King's Road outside the Farrer Court Condo. And Warehouse @ 3 Little Road, off Joo Seng Road.

And then there's mercy relief which you can call in like those charity shows to make $10 or $50 donations. :) If your a busy person, i'm sure you would be able to spare just a few seconds at this, this would be the most convenient among all aids. I'm not too sure if this is available anywhere outside Singapore, the numbers might differ...so pls do check how to donate if your from a different country. thank you. :)
Mercy Relief
For $10 Donations:1900 112 1010
For $50 Donations: 1900 112 1050

And I read in the same article there would also be donation boxes placed in Starbucks stores, i'm not too sure if it is islandwide. Do check with the good people there if that is the correct box your donating too. don't be blur blur...@-@ you get what i mean? haha...

There are many other methods to donate too *its too many for me to list the whole article out here*....do flip through the newspaper or listen to the news...i'm sure there'll be more broadcast on it too...

Yes. you will be doing a good deed. you very kind person. :)

you can aid in other way you would be capable of...droplets of water can form a full cup too. :) so never worry how small your help is. =)
we are very fortunate people so we should care and share too. ^-^

Spread the love.
be a nice human.

yellow flower

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