Thursday, May 29, 2008

i'm nuts about you.
going nuts over you.
you. you. you.

Who is this you? haha...don't ask me too...i have no idea. totally. i just felt the spur of writing that. :P i'm still looking for that you too. so don't bother even guessing, cause there really isn't any you i'm refering too. haha...oo. yes maybe the you can be an object. a slr camera! yesh. my loveee. lol. im such a sad case. haha!:P wait and save i must.

So what's up with this pic? I was editing some photos and i realised all of them had poor picture quality and was grainy. :( so i got down to having fun editing, and while i was editing this squirrel, i got carried away....i did so many versions of it...haha...i have about 6. original size to the smallest cropped out one. boy. im crazy. a little too carried away with my editing. Partly because flickr is driving me crazy, it ain't uploading my pictures correctly, not at all for that matter. :( aww.

mum is still sick after a week plus...:(
hmphx. stupid sickness, stupid bad bug/virus. go away. i don't like you. shoo. >:(

hope everyone is fine and well. :) take care peeps! :D

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