Wednesday, May 21, 2008

to spread more love.

I've turned into quite a softie. crybaby recently over the papers and when i switch on the daily news. Day after day, i see reports from the disaster zones; China and Myanmar. Unknowingly i start to weep. It is just so saddening. The death rates are rising, the number of people are rising, but what warms my heart is really the occasional knowledge of how the many people out there are trying their best in their own capability to help these victims.

What may seem like a small dime in a vast ocean will cause a rippling effect. Don't look down on that dollar of yours, little by little everyone piles up to form a whole new something to help that broken heart that we never knew of.

Yes, you might be one of the nice person out there who have just provided a little more warmth to these world in times of need. thank you man.

Thus, I very much salute all those people who put their lives on the line to save the victims, day after day. I can imagine the despair of searching in hope to find survivors but alas not to what they hope and pray for. But i do believe this few days the 'miracle survivors' have gave them a boost of confidence.
I sure hope and pray, that, somehow. there can be more survivors found.

So many disasters. So much tears. Stay strong China. Stay strong Myanmar. May you rebuild your lifes slowly but surely. i pray for less disasters and catastrophes in the world. and as how a ms universe would always love to say, I hope for world peace without the disasters and catastrophes. really.

China Earthquake Donation *Redcross*
This is the website :

Yeaps. thank you. :)


ok, that was abit down spirited...lets have something more uplifting...after the disasters many singers came together to do their bit to raise funds and bring comfort to the people through their songs...

The one done by many hongkong artiste are very warmthful *i know there's no such word. i made it up ok:P*

But, the one which stood out to me the first time i heard it; i thought had a meaningful lyrics and nice composition was the song did by our very own JJ lin.

I picked this one, cause it didn't have images which left me tearing again...listen carefully, its a heartwarming song. :)

Lastly. I shall put a link for the help website donation here again in case you missed the one i put up there. You can click **Here**every little something goes a long way you kind human.=)

Take care people. And be safe always. :) loves.

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