Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Despicable people.

For centuries we know that the wide population around the world has a heart, knows how to love and has compassion for those in need.
But recently i came across some reports which really makes me wonder, where do these unloving people come from. they are unloving. un-compassionate. shameless. despicable. un-sympathetic. cruel. and all those other things which i shan't bother to waste my strength using my fingers typing out.

Those who follow the news closely would know probably have guessed who is the public's number one enemy in China. I didn't actually saw these news report on the day itself. I chanced upon it on Cruz's blog.

For those who don't know why she is known as 中国第一公敌 (click on the chinese words to read the article on cruz's blog.)

Or you could check out the *youtube link for it. Just click on it. I picked the one with subs.

Didn't even bothered to put up the video of that ignorant girl on my blog, despicable. Seriously. The disaster happen so near to you and you can have such unfeeling behavior to it. There's something in Chinese which people always say " bu bang, ziu suan le. Hai zhai nar jiang feng liang hua" Which somehow tranlates to, if you don't want to help, forget it. Don't say words of criticism. Shesh. that girl. sad and ignorant case.

Anyway, updates is that she was arrested and she apologised to the people.
but what has been said has been said.

Yesh. And there is yet another very despicable monkey. This conman. I saw it while flipping through the papers ( The Straits Times, Home Section May27th) today. I did a scan, let me show it to you and so you won't be a victim of these shameless people.

I tried to keep it in its best resolution. So you can click on it for a read if you want to.

In short. This article is about online scams and i heard there are email and handphone conmen trying to scam the money out of the innocent compassionate people out there. Yeap, so as much as i know how much a lovely human being wanting to do your best for the people in the affected disaster zones, you want to be remember to keep an eye out for these conmen and scams.

Don't be an easy prey ya? :) If you want to donate or help in any mean, probably try the more trustworthy sites, like those i have shown you (the websites and phone lines or addresses) in the earlier post. :)

Yeaps. that's all i have to warn you people about. that's all for now. ;) till next time, be a nice human! :D

make love. make peace. never war. :)

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