Sunday, May 11, 2008


mum n son
don't we all remember the time when we were young when our mum's brought us to school?:)

it's may 11. mother's day. a celebrated day all around the world, maybe not on the same date, but still very much enjoyed by all mothers around this world. :)

yes. Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers and Mummy's to be. =)

Sometimes i know in this time and age, the '21 century' saying mummy i love you is seemingly impossible. or very embarrassing. well. expression of people nowadays are getting weaker as compared to back then...and by back then i mean...waaaaaay back. i don't mean to say i express myself very well.

on the contary, sometimes i myself, too do feel it hard to express myself, let alone open my mouth to let the melody of mummy i love you out. I don't chat on the phone, i love to what's the best next way to say it? hmmx...

Action speak louder than words, i belive that applies in many cases. For some, mother's day, father's day or even valentine's day for that matter is really, just but A day. to me, i think otherwise, you see, Birthday is A day. Because it's really fixed that i was born on so & so date. but then again, if you were wanting to celebrate on any other day, there are no rules against there..?;)

But, for occasions or rather days like mother's day, it's not only how you perform on that day itself. Some would book big classy fanciful restaraunts spending to the hundreds on that day itself only. But i guess, yes, though it is very good we treat this special occasion eventfully, i think it is most important that everyone of us must remember to be good and fillial to our mummy or parents for the matter, all year round, not just that day, but everyday!:). Simple and heartfelt is the key. Sincerity. :) Spread the love...spread the lurrrve. ;P

that would really make them happy....
Have you wished your Mummy, happy mother's day yet? :)
make them a happy mummy everyday!

Happy Mummy's Day Mummy. :)
me love you.
yes. that's the baby botak me. aren't i cutee...

okie. that's all for now...go give your mama a big kissy! muacks.
take care and be a nice human! =D

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