Saturday, May 24, 2008


warnings: this is no happy post. you can totally skip it. in fact. its not your usually alienations.skip to the post after this.i advise that.
look whos looking @ you.

how's a face like that for starters.
hmmx. how should i put this. i'm feeling irritated. dejected.useless. confused. lost. mixuped. in short. everything but good. then again it could be pms.

you want to talk about it. but you have no idea where to start. what to say. problem is. you are too confused to realise what the problem is. argh. i dunno. i feel so f*up now. sorry. you don't know who to talk to. because, you have no idea who would be able to understand what you are going through. this is a stupid phase in life. and i'm feeling very bloody upset.

suddenly i would just wish god appear in my dreams or something and tell me what's next. what is really the best. or just give me a sign. boy. i must be desperate. must be pms. but i think its much more than that. its a phase in life where i suddenly am lost. maybe, there's too much pride in me to spill it out word by word, but then again, even if i were to say i dunno what is really going on. i just feel like getting away for awhile. but that would be running away right? no matter how i look at it, i cant find the correct equations to solve this problem. they say never blame your problem on anyone else. so i must be the root of the problem. argh. bite me. it's the difference in that decision you make. what if it's the wrong one? i dunno whether its a good thing that i sometime do matter how people judge me. well. sometimes.

if you have stuck on and read until here. i bet you, you are confused. right? sorry bout that. told you to skip the post. haa.
you may ask, but i may not answer.

ignore me. cux my butts facing you and that's rude right?

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